Our range of CBD Softgels supports weight loss, immunity, energy & focus and sleep support. At, Herbal Visuals we offer an incredible variety of CBD Softgels made with a proprietary blend of ingredients that helps in boosting mental endurance, increasing metabolism, enhancing energy and much more.

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Best CBD Softgels

Our exclusive CBD products are created with phytocannabinoid rich hemp combined with the purest quality ingredients using state-of-the-art technologies to deliver the safest, most consistent and effective products available in the market. All of our hemp is Organically Grown, Premium Grade, Non-GMO, Formulated in the USA, Third-Party Tested, Gluten Free, Natural, Industrial Hemp Registered, Farm Bill Compliant, Pesticides Free, No Metals, No Harsh Chemicals and THC Free.

Softgels are indeed an easy and great way to consume CBD in your day to day life.CBD Softgels at Herbal Visuals are a powerful combination of CBD, CBG, Caffeine, Taurine, Vitamin B12 and other ingredients. Softgels are indeed an easy and great way to consume CBD in your day to day life.

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We provides authentic, pure CBD Softgel products that actually work. We are a customer centric company and we take pride, in our customer’s health care. Thus, offering premium quality, natural CBD Softgels and a hassle free shopping and delivery experience through our well-managed internal systems.

Our CBD Softgel products include:

  1. Weight Loss Control Softgels with 25mg CBD & 3mg THCv-  With the combination of CBD and tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCv), our Weight Control Softgels is great for helping control your appetite, increasing metabolism and promoting fat loss.
  2. Energy & Focus Softgels with 20mg CBD & 10mg CBG– CBD Energy & Focus Softgels is an incredible proprietary blend of ingredients may support mental endurance to help you make it through the day
  3. Immune Support Softgels with 25mg CBD & 6mg Astaxanthin– Our Immune Support Softgels also contain a 6mg of Astaxanthina, a powerful antioxidant that may help promote muscle endurance, support normal heart and eye functioning, enhance skin, aid in cognitive functioning and help combat fatigue.
  4. Sleep Support Softgels with 25mg CBD and 3mg CBN– Our Sleep Support Softgels with 3mg of melatonin and other ingredients may promote a better night’s rest.

Herbal Visuals Team is happy to educate healthcare professionals, patients and consumers on the consumption of Cannabis.

For any queries regarding our CBD Softgels or other CBD products feel free to write to herbalvisuals9@gmail.com or call at 757-343-3575


Price of CBD Softgels

CBD Softgels cost on an average is about $ 54.99, but with the current discounts and offers it is charged @ $ 19.99, only at herbalvisuals.com


CBD Softgel Product Cost Discounted rate
Weight Loss Control Softgels with 25mg CBD & 3mg THCv $ 54.99 $ 19.99
Energy & Focus Softgels with 20mg CBD & 10mg CBG $ 54.99 $ 19.99
Immune Support Softgels with 25mg CBD & 6mg Astaxanthin $ 54.99 $ 19.99
Sleep Support Softgels with 25mg CBD and 3mg CBN $ 54.99 $ 19.99


Frequently Asked Questions

What are CBD capsules?

CBD capsules are round or cylindrical-shaped tablets, pills, or softgels made of CBD oil. They are simple to use and can give more consistent dosing than CBD oils since each dose is premeasured. Like any other traditional medicine or tablet, you consume them directly with a glass of water. CBD capsules won’t make you “high” like THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

Should I use CBD in softgel form?

Yes. CBD softgels are soft pill capsules that are made up of a gelatinous mixture and a pre-measured dose of cannabidiol (CBD). When consumed, it goes directly to the stomach, letting the body absorb the CBD. Herbal Visuals offers a large variety of CBD Softgels that encourage sleep, a strong immune system, a healthy metabolism, increased energy, and weight loss.

How many CBD softgels should I take?

When you consume CBD softgels, the dosage is typically expressed per unit. So if one CBD softgel didn’t yield you desired result, you may need to increase the dosage. For instance, the Energy & Focus pack in the Herbal Visuals CBD softgel bundle pack offer serves 20mg CBD + 10mg CBG in every softgel, while the Sleep Support pack serves 25mg CBD + 3mg CBN per softgel.

Please note, it is best recommended to take a consultation from a medical practitioner for adequate dosage knowledge.

What are the side effects of taking CBD Softgel?

The common side effects of taking CBD softgels include drowsiness, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss or gain, and increased or reduced appetite. With a proper consultation on dosage and choosing a properly tested CBD product you can lessen the side effects.

How much CBD Softgel do I need for sleep?

It’s advised to begin with a small dosage and increase it gradually till you find the ideal amount that works for you. You can buy Herbal Visuals’ Sleep Support Softgels that contain 25mg of CBD, 3mg of CBN, 3mg of melatonin, and other ingredients that may help you get better quality sleep.



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