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According to studies, coffee is the second most popular beverage after water. Around two billion cups of coffee are drunk every day globally, making it the most wide-known stimulant the world has ever known. With the growing market acceptance of cannabidiol (CBD) as a safe, healthy, and effective pain reliever, there has been a steady increase in the purchase of the hugely favored CBD in coffee trend. But what exactly is it, and how can you pick the best CBD coffee? How do you make CBD coffee, and where can it be bought? Let’s investigate!

What is CBD Coffee

CBD Coffee is a simple, non-addictive, and delectable way of drinking coffee that has been blended with cannabidiol – a compound derived from a naturally grown cannabis hemp plant. It helps counteract the anxiety brought on by caffeine while simultaneously reducing stress, depression, insomnia, pain, and inflammation. Additionally, it has a favorable effect on skin conditions, promotes relaxation, elevates mood, and improves focus.

Types of CBD in coffee

CBD in coffee is found in three main forms:

        CBD Isolate: Considered the purest form, CBD Isolate contains only cannabidiol and no cannabinoids, flavonoids, or terpenoids.

        Broad-spectrum CBD: This variety includes almost every compound found in the cannabis plant except for THC.

        Full-spectrum CBD: This extract contains CBD, a modest quantity of THC, and other organic compounds from the cannabis plant.

Know how to choose the best CBD coffee

When selecting the best CBD coffee, the quality of the CBD utilized and the grade of the coffee beans are the two most important factors that must be considered. Remember to check for recognizable, genuine 100% organic, non-GMO, and pesticide-free coffee beans and premium-quality, hemp-derived CBD only.

Other than this, you must also look for certified brands with good market reputations, contact information, and clean labels showcasing the exact quantity of caffeine, CBD, and other ingredients. 

Steps to take to prepare CBD Coffee

Whether you use instant or freshly ground beans, preparing CBD coffee is simple! You just need CBD oil and coffee beans. Here are the steps:

  1. Grind your coffee beans.
  2. Add hot water to them in a coffee maker.
  3. Tincture a few drops of CBD oil in the coffee.
  4. Give the hot water and coffee mix a few minutes to blend well.
  5. Brew before pouring.

Note: You can add cream, sugar, and other ingredients to your freshly prepared cup of CBD coffee to enrich the taste and aroma even further.

Where to buy the best CBD coffee?

With so many CBD products available for purchase online, it can be difficult to find the best CBD coffee for you. The smart blend CBD coffee at Herbal Visuals is a proprietary mix of Colombian coffee, espresso and other incredible ingredients, and gives you a boost of caffeine, but without the jitters.

Herbal Visuals’ products are professionally formulated hemp derived CBD products. Our premium quality hemp extract oil and products are grown in the USA and developed in world-class facilities.


Although the effects of CBD coffee differ from person to person, it is certainly safe to try. You can consider starting with 15-20 milligrams drops of CBD oil in coffee. Pay close attention to how you feel after consuming the coffee, and then continue accordingly.  Those who are interested in testing this product must first consult with a licensed medical professional, specifically if they use medications on a daily basis or have preexisting medical concerns.

For any consultation regarding CBD dosage, feel free to book a consultation with our certified practitioner.

We sincerely hope that our blog has been useful to you!


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